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10. Annihilation

10. Annihilation

Some of the highest grossing movies of all time also happen to be some of the most entertaining movies to ever be released. The very best of the MCU holds this status and movies like The Dark Knight, Titanic and Toy Story 3 have all grossed over a billion dollars.

However, there are also some movies in the billion dollar club that it's fair to say leave something of a sour taste in our collective mouths. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the 27th highest grossing movie of ALL TIME for example. Why did we do that?

And in the same breath, somehow some truly great movies end up being completely overlooked and falling under the radar. Money might not be everything, but in Hollywood, it's the biggest thing and whether it was down to poor marketing or a lack of A-list stars to sell them, some movies that deserved the kind of financial reponse to turn them into franchises surprisingly failed to make much money.

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